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Faith and Science are in no way antithetical to one another. Rather, like all gifts you and I possess and utilize, science as a discipline of discovery of truth is a gift from almighty God. Like all gifts, it's value must be guarded and the fruits which come from this gift must be utilized in accord with the will of the One who gave us such a gift. There are people who understand that along with the wonder of discovery, comes the profound burden of responsibility. Jesus himself once said, "Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more."

This saying is a sober reminder of the responsibility that all human persons have before God to form in a right way one's human conscience. As creatures, we must always and everywhere to do what is right before God and our fellow human beings.

After you watch the following video, Fr. Basil is sure you will agree with him that science is a wonderful multi-faceted gift. Consider this: If science is truly a gift, how much more the human person who has been granted such a powerful mind and seemingly interminable will as to allow mankind to discover the truth of God's love for His creatures through many and varied scientific disciplines?

(While this is in no way an endorsement of YouTube or TEDTalks, many good things can be learned from some entries found on these websites.)

Alexander Tsiaras shares a powerful video, showing human development from conception to birth and beyond. There are, of course, some graphic images; but, if you have ever seen some of the obscene materials passed off in public school classrooms as acceptable sex-ed materials, you will have no problem viewing this stunningly beautiful medical visualization.

Alexander Tsiarias offers some personal insights following the video. Enjoy the video.



Fr. Basil's father, John W. Atwell, served during World War II, and he helped to liberate prisoners from concentration camps, a memory which he could never put out of his mind.  He never forgot the stench and he suffered over what he witnessed.  Father Basil asks that you watch this video.  A great debt is owed to Mr. Ray Comfort for producing this disturbing, but informative video.  Discretion is advised.  Please read the warning at the start of the film.  Education about life begins at many educational levels and at various ages.  We must never allow history to be forgotten.  Please share this video:


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