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Student Sponsorship Program

Only a good, solid education will help our young Native American children break through the daily struggles on the reservation.
Almost every child who comes through our school goes on to finish high school. At the same time, less than 2/3 of the other
children on the reservation ever finish school.
Sioux County, where our Mission is located, is one of the 20 poorest counties in the United States. The unemployment rate
is 65% to 75%.
Our young Native American children NEED YOUR HELP! Please prayerfully consider sponsoring one or more of our students.
Together, with your support, our young children will receive the quality education they need to break through this cycle of
poverty and go on to become successful leaders.

Co-sponsor is $550 per school year and Full Sponsor is $1,100 per school year.

To sponsor one or more Saint Bernard Mission School students, please click on the "Give Online" image below.  Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions about sponsoring our students, please contact us.


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